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ExperienceChange Simulation


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With limited time and resources, you must identify the issues, create a change plan, and implement the plan in the face of company-wide resistance."




Change Simulation Workshop
Using ExperiencePoint's powerful, web-based change management simulation tool (ExperienceChange), this one-day workshop is designed as a team-building activity to help change agents make critical business decisions in the midst of change and achieve extraordinary results through hands-on application of change management best practices.

Subject:          Leading organizational change
Time:               4 to 5 hours online or full-day classroom experience
Audience:      Anyone responsible for leading or managing change within the organization
Area of focus:  change management, team-based units, departmental silos

ExperienceChange improves the success rate of initiatives by driving outcomes at three levels;

Organizational Alignment
ExperienceChange promotes the use of a common language and process for leading change.

Team Effectiveness
ExperienceChange is a challenging and competitive team-based activity that encourages good team process and the sharing of experiences.

Individual Contributors
ExperienceChange is a rigorous practice field for planning and implementing change that introduces and promotes the effective use of change theory, tools, and techniques (e.g. stakeholder analysis, risk assessment and communications planning).

And yes, ExperienceChange provides leaders with an opportunity to roll up their sleeves and have some fun!

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