When building change capability is a management imperative...

Company Overview


“The client organizations involved were making significant changes to their business processes and to their information systems.  Red Bridge Consulting was instrumental in helping to build a clear vision of the changes and communicate key messages to a range of stakeholders in carefully targeted ways.”
Desmond McKenzie
Consulting Practice Manager

Red Bridge Consulting began in 2003 to help organizations define and achieve positive, measurable change, by focusing on people and processes and how they interact with technology.

When summarizing the value RBC brings to customers, Norrene Duffy, President/CEO sums it up simply. “My early career as a NASA mathematician taught me the importance of precision. Through software development roles, I learned how technical people tick. As Director of Information Systems for the City of Atlanta, I oversaw the transition of a traditional data processing operation into a customer-centric organization and discovered the importance of relationships in effecting change. And the 1996 Olympic Games cemented the importance of deadlines.”

Our organization is a culmination of over 25 years of experience in various areas of information technology and human performance.  The Red Bridge workforce includes top of the line seasoned individuals that bring industry expertise to help clients navigate significant and complex transformational change. 

Red Bridge Consulting is a privately held, minority female owned business. We built the business on the belief that we could help organizations succeed at change by offering a combined understanding of business needs, technology, and people.  As our customers began to see the commitment in excellent service, Red Bridge Consulting quickly grew.