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"As Project Manager of the City of Atlanta CRM implementation, Red Bridge Consulting was able to navigate very difficult waters as the team coordinated ten separate vendor teams to complete the project. Amanda and her team are very bright, detail oriented individuals, who are capable of handling multiple tasks and teams and keeping them on track."


"I had the opportunity to work with Red Bridge Consulting at the City of Atlanta ERP project. During that experience, the team exhibited impeccable organizational skills, exceeded expectations and met project deadlines as required. I strongly recommend Red Bridge Consulting to any project or task due to their valued expertise in this  industry." 


City of Atlanta  

Most companies do not have the internal resource capacity or expertise to handle the complexities and workload of large implementations.   Red Bridge Consulting provides top of the line, experienced and knowledgeable resources to ensure a successful implementation with limited disruptions to your day-to-day operations.
Consulting Solutions
Project Management
Our global network of PMI certified consultants provides extensive experience in delivering projects. The primary role of a project manager is to empower the team, both functional and technical as they strive to reach a common goal. Additionally, the project manager fully engages the client in all aspects of the project to ensure constant communication throughout the project life cycle. From project start to roll-out, our project management consultants will support the project team in defining, compiling, analyzing and disseminating project work products.
 Project Administration
There are several benefits in having a Red Bridge Project Administrator (PA) on your project team. One of the immediate and most noticeable benefits of a PA is the alleviation of the administrative burden known to plague project managers.
Our project administrators possess the expertise to provide strong and analytical administrative support in project planning, resource scheduling, progress tracking and status reporting, which frees the project manager to focus on the more important tasks needed to deliver a successful project.