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Red Bridge Consulting, Inc. is growing and needs to identify a solid network of
Change Management Consultants, Project Administrators and Communications Specialists. 
We hope you could be a great source to help with our efforts. 
For more information on these positions, please click on detailed job descriptions below.
If you are interested, please send a resume along with contact information to:
careers@redbridgeinc.comPlease include the title of the job description in the subject line. 
If you are not ready to join our network of qualified consultants, but know someone who is,
we would appreciate it if you would post, publish and circulate the position announcement.


Project Administrator

The project administrator is responsible for owning the project management processes. This includes understanding project goals, deadlines, and financial boundaries so they can best allocate resources, benchmarking, scheduling project deadlines, and general coordination. The PA will be able to immediately provide administrative support in project planning, resource scheduling, progress tracking and status reporting, which frees the project manager to focus on the more important tasks needed to deliver a successful project.  Read more…


Change Management Consultant

The Change Management Consultant will focus on the people side of change – including changes to business processes, systems and technology, job roles and organization structures. The primary focus will be creating and implementing change management plans that minimize employee resistance and maximize employee engagement. The Change Management Specialist will work to drive faster adoption, greater ultimate utilization and higher proficiency on the changes impacting employees in the organization such that business results are achieved.  Read more…


Project Management Consultant

The project manager will positively help organizations deliver results against some of their most complex business initiatives. The ideal project manager will have the ability to use both creativity and business sense to: step in to a hands-on leadership position to drive the successful completion of mission-critical initiatives against plan and keep the rest of the team focused on the end goal. This includes the overall direction, coordination, implementation, execution, control and completion of specific projects ensuring consistency with company strategy, commitments and goals.  Read more…


Communications Specialist

A communications specialist will focus on helping in the creation and delivery of branding that will sell stakeholders on the value and benefits of specific projects to clients. You will also assist in creating news and other information pertaining to specific projects to both internal and external clients. This may include press releases, talking points, news articles, newsletters, and flyers.  Read more… 






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