We believe that training should produce direct and tangible results...



Red Bridge Consulting trainers are experts in communicating technical information in a friendly and disarming manner, using techniques to ensure that learners stay engaged and focused. Our learner-centric presentations emphasize functional context, making it easier for learners to build on their current knowledge base.  The result is a dynamic and collaborative process that creates training that “sticks” for the long term.

Train the Trainer Program
When implementing new technology, making certain new trainers have skills beyond basic facilitation know-how is crucial.  Our Train the Trainer activities focus on ensuring trainers can,

  • detect non-verbal behavior (resistance to change)
  • demonstrate listening skills
  • identify and demonstrate questioning methods and techniques
  • develop appropriate delivery methods for specific types of training needs
  • demonstrate competency in the functional areas of the software


Customized workshops

  • Change Management
  • Leading Teams
  • Introduction to Leadership
  • Customer Service
  • Project Management Basics
  • Project Management Advanced